Your classical music piano teacher may find it tricky to teach you Billy Joel or Elton John. Nevertheless, classical music learnt alongside the ‘fun’ stuff can be of a huge help in understanding the various elements which go into learning piano music. There’s still much value in understanding the structure and bare bone elements of classical music theory when studying popular piano.

So how do we go about learning the bare necessities so that you can be in the position to play your favourite piano songs?

Bare Necessity #1: Get an Instrument That Matches Your Budget

Shopping for a new instrument and method books (irrespective of whether on-line or perhaps hard copy) will be your two largest investments. Save a great deal of cash by purchasing a keyboard as opposed to an acoustic grand piano. The great thing about learning on a keyboard is it’s portability so that you can take it to your friend’s next birthday party!

Bare Necessity #2: Sign up for Piano Classes

Oh no! That means taking up my evening you may be saying! No! you can take an internet course to learn your favourite pop piano music tunes easily. The Web is rife with high quality well-known online piano lessons and instruction courses. Or, you could gather tips on how to play the basic piano notes, and then find hundreds of big yiruma sheet music, easy note transcriptions of your favourite pieces of music and become virtually self-taught in a matter of days. The latter method is rather limiting and it’s better recommended that one follows a proven method of learning.

Bare Necessity #3: Stay Motivated by Playing With Others

Some people get ultra-inspired by jamming with other piano players. You can sign up with a local community using on-line services such as Mixer or even Facebook and find other musicians who have your aspirations. You can always without difficulty partner up with other music artists interested in pop piano and jam away! This is a perfect supplement to your online piano tutorials, as making music should be about exchanging your interpretations with others – whether it be another pianist or your audience one day.

Bare Necessity #4: Identify Piano Notes Easily

The first step to learning rock piano, is always to study the notes of the piano and when to play each one. Reading music may not be such a priority but it is nevertheless a primo-valuable skill, as it will give you the confidence to perform a greater selection of music. It also helps you to understand essential chords should you go on to getting an online piano course or a keyboard professor. Practice naming notes everyday so you can learn off of what you rehearsed the previous day.

Bare Necessity #5: Master Piano Chords

Learning chords need to be on the priority list for budding music artists of the pop-piano music style. You can purchase a chords workbook to study on your own time or perhaps take a piano program that specifically teaches chords. You can use various internet sites to learn more about chords, often gratis, because the more you are able to identify the various chords, the greater you will be in a position to tackle well-known tunes.

Bare Necessity #6: Download Printable Sheet Music from the Net

Long before the days of the internet, one had to leave their apartment and sometimes even made a big ordeal on getting to a shop to purchase sheet music. Now you have printable sheet music downloaded from the internet that saves your day. Others still hated the idea of buying music from a music store, so they just photocopied the scores from the library, but these people still had to leave their homes!