The Cascada Encantada, which is located in Chilasco, means “Dark Mountains”, and hides in a fairytale forest, it is the highest waterfall in Central America.

 The cloud forest of Chilasco is located 1,880 meters above sea level, in Baja Verapaz, being able to hear in the distance the bellow of the water, without being able to see, as the fog has filtered into the forest and plays a show of shadows chinescas with light, to the point that perverse witches, magnificent heroes and mythological beings become reality.

The cypresses and pine forests of the road are closed in a deep and melancholic forest while advancing towards the Salto de Chilasco. In the biological corridor that joins the Sierra de las Minas with the Biotopo del Quetzal, the highest water fall in Central America, 130 meters high, is spilled.

However, the statistics becomes an opaque fact when walking through the fog in search of an enchanted waterfall, since as a 70-year-old farmer explains: “if the visitor has a desire, he has to stay in that place. place from 11 until midnight, “having been the person who first took tourists to the waterfall 25 years ago.

Magical or not, the Salto is well worth a day trip. The path in the forest is steep, it is necessary to bring water, food and swimsuit, if you want to try the waters of El Saltito River, a drop of 70 meters surrounded by natural pools.

To get to this place you must take the Carretera a Coban at kilometer 144.5, taking a dirt road of 12 kilometers to reach the Chilasco community, and once you are in that place, you have to travel four kilometers of steep slopes until get to the waterfall.