The meditation is a discipline that can be done anywhere and time, you just have to learn to relax and focus on some thought wofs bazi, to enjoy its benefits.

The objective of this technique is to let yourself be carried away by thoughts and discover all the corners of your mind, that is, to know yourself. For this, we give you the following tips:

  • To achieve a meditation deep, you just have to concentrate, enjoy the activity you do and feel comfortable
  • It is important that you breathe and feel how your body moves. Remember the oxygen input improves the mental process, so your concentration will be much better.
  • If you are not very fond of mantras, forget about them; you can start with a simple thought, song or reading, without the need of the known sound of “om”
  • Do not you like the word meditation? Then choose a name to name this activity, so that you do not see it as an obligation.
  • As fifth tip, the specialists in conscious nutrition and meditation, Dhyan Gulistan and Nirdosh Eidels , explain what this technique consists of:

One of the characteristics of meditation is that you feel calm and at peace with your thoughts, emotions and actions; so just open your senses and let yourself be carried away by all the wonderful things that surround you.